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I am a historian and an aspiring explorer! Having grown up in Latin America and all over the US, I am used to living in different kinds of places. And I move a lot. Over the last twenty-five years, I've moved at least every two years! Now I've somewhat settled in the Boston area, and I'm hoping to break my own record by staying here a long, long time.

As a historian, I'm also used to traveling to other time periods (at least in my head). I am interested in just about every kind of history, but my reading takes me most often to the Americas and history of the Spanish-speaking world. My favorite kind of history is not about famous people, who get a lot of attention anyway, but obscure people. I most enjoy reading histories that immerse you in a time and place, giving you a sense of daily life there.

Representation: Dorian Karchmar, DKarchmar [at ] wmeentertainment.com